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Rainbow Glare

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Hi Dr. Gatinel,

I hope English is ok. I’ve read your paper on your treatment of the prism side effect of LASIK. I had surgery a few days and I’m experiencing these symptoms, 4 vertical bands of rainbow, around light sources. My question is what percentage of cases like mine take care of themselves, and how long should I wait before I seek further treatment, such as abalating the back side of the flap ? Assuming my flap is thick enough, how many of these have you done since your paper and with what successes and failures. I greatly appreciate any advice you can give me.

For reference, Laser used was EX500 with Contura software.

Merci Beaucoup.
Mike D.

Notre réponse :

You need to wait for at least 6 months; in most cases, the visual symptoms atttenuate and vanish in that period of time. When it persists, undersurface (back flap) ablation can be indicated. I have retreated about 5 cases of persisting rainbow glare with that technique. They all do fine, in one case the symptoms had not fully disappeared with the first ablation (10 microns) so I decided to perform a second undersurface ablation with the same depth. This was efficient to alleviate the patient with the residual glare.

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  1. Mike Dicerbo dit :

    Dr. Gatinel,

    Thank you so much for your reply ! I can wait 6 months. Sorry for the multiple emails, I have been feeling a bit panicked. This information is greatly appreciated.

    I’ll contact you in Februrary if my condition persists.

    Je vous souhaite un bel été.
    Mike D

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