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Should I wear glasses or corrective lenses after the cataract surgery?

If the implant installed allows to see netde far, the correction of the near vision (reading of the small characters) is usually necessary in glasses. Some patients live without glasses from afar and close after the cataract surgery, either because their visual or functional requirement is low, either because they are equipped with multifocal implants, or an eye is corrected for vision by far, the other for close vision (this difference of correction is called the "monovision").

2 responses to "should we wear glasses or corrective lenses after the cataract surgery ?"

  1. Daniel Danièle says:

    I was operated on 18 and 21 November. For the left eye multifocal implant ATLISA 809 mv, for the right eye monofocal implant and multifocal ATLISA toric 909 m. I still have a big problem with the vision of Meadows (reading, computer). Is it normal; The ophthalmologist told me that I will no longer need glasses.

    I am in the obligation to have glasses to read and it is unpleasant to be permanently obliged to put and lay these glasses

    What do you think

  2. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    It is difficult to answer your question without examination, especially that of refraction (correction) obtained after surgery. Multifocal implants are quite able to allow patients to read closely without glasses, provided there is good illumination of the reading plan, and the power of the implant is able to correct the vision by far (Emmetropia, not too much astigmatism, etc.). It might also be interesting to move your work slightly around your usual reading distance. Patients who are accustomed to reading at 50 cm can sometimes benefit from a closer reading distance (e.g. 35 cm), or vice versa. If the near vision is not good despite lighting and adjusting the reading distance, it is appropriate to consult your surgeon.

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