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What is astigmatism surgery?

Several surgical techniques allow to correct theastigmatism eyepiece. They vary according to their principle and their site of action. Ocular astigmatism is most often caused by the 'toricite' of the cornea (its curvature varies according to the meridians). As a result, it makes sense to reduce this toricite, IE, regularize the profile of the cornea to correct astigmatism. This can be done using the techniques of photoablation excimer)LASIK(, PKR, etc.) or more rarely through the realization of relaxing incision. These incisions are made on the arched meridians. Another possibility is to correct the corneal astigmatism by the insertion of a toric implant during the cataract surgery. The implant generates him even an astigmatism of equal magnitude but ' opposite ' to that generated by the cornea.

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