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Smile Recovery

Good evening doctor, I was operated by Relex smile 7 months ago. Since I have fibrosis. I wanted to know if I'm operable despite fibrosis. I'm very worried. Can fibrosis prevent surgery. And if so, why? What do you think? And what technique can be used in the case eventual operation? Thank you in advance for your answer. Kind regards. Simon Genet .

The occurrence of corneal fibrosis is a rare event in refractive surgery; There may have been a complication when making the smile. Not practicing this technique, I do not have the experience to answer you in a very precise way. if fibrosis [...]

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keratoconus Treatments

I quickly trace my journey to the various ophthalmologists in Belgium.
I 30ans, I was 2-3 years ago for a decrease in my eyesight, the ophthalmologist tells me that I am myopic slightly and prescribes me glasses.... which after 4 months always gives me nausea and when I remove them, my eyesight is even more cloudy than without bezel.
Beginning 2018, I realize that my eyesight has greatly diminished, so I take appointment. In June 2018, another ophthalmologist tells me that I am astigmatism + + and that I have to pass a topography of the eye because it suspects a kératocone. The Topogaphie takes place in September 2018, actually the verdict is a kératocone with both eyes with an irregular astigmatie. The measurements are already different from June to September. I'm being offered an appointment with a third specialist ophthalmologist in the Kératocone. It is doing measures in October that have also changed since September. She gives me appointment this same ophthalmologist has her personal practice for further examinations of the cornea and she proposes me an operation by the rings intra corneal in order to stabilize the disease and if necessary complete this operation by lenses.
A friend advises an ophthalmologist (4th) in order to have another medical opinion. Which gives me the same diagnosis and the same treatment by the operation of intra-corneal rings.
Now in November, I was at the FOCUS Eye CLINIC in Brussels, specializing in eye diseases.... And they have told me that the operation of intra-corneal rings is not a cure to stabilize the disease but simply to improve my eyesight (what the other ophthalmologist says is contradictory to that). So they offer me a cross-linking with a lens correction.
I am lost by these differences of speech for the same treatments, what intervention would be more beneficial in case the Kératocone, cross linking or intra-corneal rings?


My answer is very simple. To halt the evolution of the keratoconus, it is enough to stop rubbing vigorously the eyes, and possibly change its position of sleep (no longer sleep on the belly or on the side). To improve your vision, the lenses [...]

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Hello doctor,
I was operated by Epilasik 4 months ago and I did not read your opinion on this operation until I had been operated on.
I would like to know exactly what points are the least efficiency you mention compared to the PKR operation in terms of visual feeling?
Good to you

The rest of the epithelium after EpiLASIK may sometimes cause scarring delay, as the rested cells do not adhere to the underlying stroma, and may hinder epithelial regrowth from the corneal periphery. There has been no evidence of benefits [...]

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Smile missed

Hello doctor, I had surgery in smile but I do not know if the lenticulé was removed because the operation failed. What technique should be used to maximize safety and minimize pain in the course of a future operation? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Corneal refractive Surgery (LASIK, PKR, smile, etc.) is performed under topical local anesthesia (drops). Anxious patients can sometimes benefit from taking a sedative per OS. With optimum preparation, one can feel discomfort, sensations [...]

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Washing eyelids Kindly

Hi doctor, is washing eyelids kindly with fingers harmful for eyes? What if that is repeated for many times a day?

Washing the eyes kindly is not detrimental if:

  • The washing movements are soft, and not exerted against the eyeball
  • The water used for washing and rinsing is clear.
I have commonly observed subtle corneal deformations which may be caused by [...]

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Thickness of the cornea

Hello I have 35 years, I have a pachymetry and it is revealed that I have a cornea of fine thickness (OD 507 and 2.24 then OG 519 and 2.61). I would like to know what diseases of the eyes will I be exposed to in the future or if I should not fear anything thank you

Having a fine cornea does not expose you to any particular disease. It is important not to rub your eyes, to regularly measure intraocular pressure (tension). Besides the thickness, it is important to check the topographic regularity of your [...]

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Visual acuity

What is a "bow minute"

An arc minute is a unit of angle that corresponds to 1/60th of a degree. There are 60 seconds of arc in one minute of arc. This angle corresponds to a separation power of 10/10th (10/10th visual acuity).

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Risk Factors for myopia

Please i need a risk assessment scale to develop myopia according to genetic and environmental factors

To my knowledge there is no universal scale for predicting the incidence of myopia, or individual risk.

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Keratocône, swimming pool and eye rubbing

My son with Down syndrome has a bilateral keratoconus, is the pool activity contraindicated? Because it comes out red eyes and there inevitably rubs eyes even with pool goggles.

It is crucial that your child stop (or minimize) from rubbing his eyes. In my experience, the stopping of friction directly conditions the stability of the keratoconus (the cornea does not seem to deform spontaneously). Conversely, the pursuit of those [...]

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Hyperopia Surgery and astigmatism

Hello, I would like to have some information about the results of refractive surgery. I am hyperopic and astigmatism OD: + 1.25 (+ 1) 90 OG: + 3.5 (+ 1.5) 101. I had a strabismus at least partially IOL supported early (13 months). I would like to know if case similar to mine may have had a ammélioration of their binocular vision and more precisely their stereoscopy following a refractive surgery operation? Thank you for all the content of the site and for your answer.

LASIK hyperopia Surgery improves uncorrected visual acuity and limits certain symptoms (visual fatigue, etc.). A Priori, it should not produce any particular effect on binocular vision, or at least the same as the correction [...]

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