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Hyperopia Surgery and astigmatism

Your question:

Hello, I would like to have some information about the results of refractive surgery. I am hyperopic and astigmatism OD: + 1.25 (+ 1) 90 OG: + 3.5 (+ 1.5) 101. I had a strabismus at least partially IOL supported early (13 months). I would like to know if case similar to mine may have had a ammélioration of their binocular vision and more precisely their stereoscopy following a refractive surgery operation? Thank you for all the content of the site and for your answer.

Our answer:

Hyperopia Surgery in LASIK Improves uncorrected visual acuity and limits certain symptoms (visual fatigue, etc.). A Priori, it should not produce any particular effect on binocular vision, or at least the same as the lens correction. The binocular vision is partly dependent on the development of the visual pathways. If you notice an improvement with a lens correction, then this one should also occur after LASIK.

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