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Your question:

Hello doctor,
I was operated by Epilasik 4 months ago and I did not read your opinion on this operation until I had been operated on.
I would like to know exactly what points are the least efficiency you mention compared to the PKR operation in terms of visual feeling?
Good to you

Our answer:

The rest of the epithelium after EpiLASIK may sometimes cause scarring delay, as the rested cells do not adhere to the underlying stroma, and may hinder epithelial regrowth from the corneal periphery. There has been no particular benefit to the EpiLASIK vis-à-vis the PKR (in its modern forms), apart from marketing aspects related to the presence of the word " LASIK "To refer to a superficial photoablation technique.  Currently the transepithelial PKR (removal of the excimer laser epithelium) is a promising approach for the correction of low and medium ametropias.

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