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keratoconus and stopping the port of the lenses

Your question:

Hello Dr Ganeshan,

30 years old, I have keratoconus on both eyes with a stronger degree of advancement on the right eye. I can't stand the lenses even not the scleral SPOT lenses. I quickly have an annoyance and red eyes.

Therefore I never wear my lenses, and I manage without. By force I have taken the habit of living without and I can still read, drive, etc ... without it really bother me really.

I wanted to know if the fact that I'm not wearing any lens would speed up the development of my keratoconus?

I have the impression that since I stopped the frotements I have no more evolution of the keratoconus. I think you are right about that, even though I have not done exams and I never go to the hospital to do controls.

Thank you for your response Dr, thanks to your articles and your assumptions about the fact that the evolution of the keratoconus is due to friction, I have a little more hope in the future.


Our answer:

Stopping the lens port does not cause keratoconus to progress; Frictions are the cause of the installation and progression of corneal deformation (which is only evolutionary when the eye rubbing continue to be exercised). That is what you have seen yourself. Some patients come to live without correction, provided that theastigmatism Generated by the corneal deformation is not too large (at least one side). I advise you to check that a simple equipment in glasses can not correct you at least partially, for certain activities that require a minimum of visual acuity.

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