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Price of a myopia operation

Your question:

I would like to know the price or the range of rate of refractive surgery (myopia laser operation) for both eyes?

Our answer:

The cost of refractive surgery

The cost of the operation of the myopia usually varies between 2500 and 4000 euros for the two eyes in Paris and Paris region (these figures are laser surgery): LASIK and techniques of surface as the PKR). There is no upper limit for surgery settled, other than that dictated by the tact and measurement... The rates proposed in the province are sometimes substantially lower.

The price differences between refractive surgery centers and surgeons are based on several variables such as the technique used, the type of equipment used, and the reputation and quality of the surgeon. LASIK with realization of the flap to the femtosecond laser (100% laser LASIK) is more expensive that mechanical LASIK (microkeratome), because the femtosecond technology has a purchase price and a usage cost, justified in terms of the gain provided security and efficiency. The price of LASIK is also higher than that of the PKR (this technique does not require the use of corneal flap design material).

An intervention price: variables

There are several types of sight refractive treatments, often presented as options (ex: tissue economy, or treatment guided by the Wavefront - wavefront, or specific treatment of presbyopia - Supracor), which may also increase the price of the operation because they require the use of additional equipment (ex: topographer, aberrometer), and/or "maps treatment" specific (charged extra by the manufacturers of laser). Some practitioners systematically choose to integrate these technological refinements for all their surgeries (which tends to increase the price of intervention), others not (.. .this to display a price of call less high, likely to be revised upward then).

The question of the use of the options offered by the surgeon sometimes leaves the patient perplexed. Is the latter not captive to options presented as beneficial for the outcome of the surgery?  Who would not want to offer the best technology when it comes to his eyes and his vision? (see the issue devoted to the) options in LASIK). The presence of options is a classic commercial technique to present in grip of call rates below the average cost of surgery.

When a price is proposed, it should also know if it concerns only the surgical Act or includes consultations pre and post operative, ("package"), and the cost of a possible editing. Regarding laser surgery, there is no anesthesia: the reference to "anesthesia fees" on a quote has no place to be!


Price, surgery and ethics

French medical ethics leads a practitioner to not use an intervention price as a part of advertising appeal on the internet or any other media (radio, TV, personal publicity for a doctor is also strictly prohibited). Established and recognized in Refractive Surgeons comply with this rule without effort, because they don't usually have need of this type of grip, or to enter a tariff and trade war to carry out their activities and attract customers thanks to their reputation and a mouth to ear positive. Mistrust must be rigorous in the opposite case... Indeed, the main vector of patient recruitment is positive word of mouth and reputation. A surgeon delivering quality services will naturally of a growing number of patients, and will not need to practice an aggressive pricing policy; If this is the case, the suspicion is required! Because the quality at a cost...

Social security does not reimburse the refractive surgery, but some mutual funds offer a package to reimburse part of the cost of the operation. Except case and special schemes, mutual societies have not the right to force their members to operate in a given Center, and never by a particular surgeon: This practice is illegal. Of agreements unlawful"however were reported, involving practitioners in search of patient and unscrupulous mutual: these subordinate surgery reimbursement to a practitioner who agrees to operate at a lower cost in Exchange for referred patients. The interest of mutual companies who practice this kind of illicit SEO and their accomplices surgeons is only pecuniary: a saving on the backs of their affiliates, by establishing in fact unequal reimbursement. Reduction given by practitioners or offending the patient centres is done at the expense of the quality of care, because the billing of the acts is capped, and do not allow the use of a same quality of service. Remember that in refractive surgery, centres of excellence and recognized practitioners do not need a stream of illegal recruitment, and that the practice of "price xxx_xxx_5163ses" is usually performed by practitioners in need of patient...

The use of paid advertisements on the internet is commonly practiced by some centres on the Google search engine: when you search a term like 'LASIK', or 'myopia surgery', 'operation of the eyes', some institutions pay to appear in the top gray of the results page, above the so-called "natural" or "organic" results, and offer attractive rates or services. This practice is similar to advertising. The Council of the order of doctors banned advertising on the search engines for any advertising of the practice of medicine, and allows only "natural" SEO for medical sites.


Surgery abroad packages

On the internet some ads offer patients french residents of packages for a sometimes with intervention of a stay abroad (Turkey, Maghreb countries), and this for a reduced rate with respect to that found on the french market ("low-cost", as the airline said... rate) generally chartered to transport patients to the private centres concerned in the foreign country. This type of activity is considered with suspicion, because the material used is usually not the most recent, the operating conditions (sterility) below the standards in force in France, and post operative follow-up to medium and long term being not provided on-site, setbacks or even significant risks are incurred. The argument put forward by the proponents of this 'medical tourism' is that the lasers used are the same as in France. The medical supervision and how to use and program the lasers count more than the instruments themselves. We're entitled to expect the same performance between two sports cars on a circuit... if their preparation and their cockpit are of the same quality.

Justification for the rates of refractive surgery in France

The following prices allows to understand the level of tariffs of laser surgery:

-A last generation excimer laser instrument (ex: laser Wavelight EX500) or a femtosecond laser cost about 500,000 euros each, to which is added a cost per procedure (a few hundred euros depending on the possible treatment options are requested by some manufacturers), and annual maintenance fees (some tens of thousands of euros). This investment are added costs of operation and operating room staff.

-An ophthalmologist surgeon performs at least 10 years of graduate studies after the baccalauréat, 12 years or more if it is former Chief of staff. Refractive surgery is a demanding specialty that requires specific training that is issued in some post-graduate training centres and affiliated ophthalmology services. All surgeons ophthalmologists are in principle entitled to perform refractive surgery: However, this specialty is little or taught in the University curriculum, and it requires a theoretical degree course, and individual learning. A small proportion of the french ophtalmogistes fluent refractive surgery.

-Due to the constant evolution of techniques and technologies involved in refractive surgery, a seasoned practitioner must participate regularly in conferences and continuing medical education. The leaders of the specialty teach and publish in refereed scientific journals, which is a guarantee of reliability and reflects a concern high technical and intellectual... but takes a long time. This time-consuming activity requires some leeway rate, do not necessarily need "channel operators" in compensation and those who practice "casesés" rates Medical scientific publications validated by a reading Committee are identified in the database "Pubmed". (search by first and last name of author is possible by filling in the search bar "Search").

-Know how to reject an intervention by detecting any complications or anticipating a disappointing result against the expectations of the patient requires a requirement and a special ethics: it is a fundamental step in refractive surgery. All eyes are not operable, and a pricing policy favoring the margin with respect to the number of case made is guarantor of a more careful selection of indications. (Rare) concerns observed in the course of the refractive surgery are almost exclusively due to abusive or erroneous indications...

-A surgical Act, whether it is "to comfort" or not, committed the criminal responsibility of the practitioner for 30 years. Refractive surgery concerns young patients and feel the most valuable (the vision): it involves a high level of responsibility. In addition to the quality of performance of the Act, it is important to choose a medical environment that will support of vision over time and not only the time of an intervention.

In the USA, in a proven and reputable refractive surgery Center, a LASIK procedure generally costs between 5000 and 7000 dollars for both eyes. Also located on the continent of American 'LASIK centers' or 'low cost centers', where it is possible to have surgery at a rate close to 1800 to 2000 $ for both eyes, but without recent technological options or choice of the practitioner, who performs operations without having met the patient previously in consultation (preoperative examinations are made and interpreted by "technicians" not doctors). A significant number of refractive surgery chains went bankrupt in the course of the last years, due to the reduction of the activity related to the economic crisis combined with a bad word of mouth.

In Germany, in England, in the Japan, the average cost of bilateral LASIK is close to 4000 euros.

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