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Cataract surgery after Kamra inlay implantation

The placement of an implant Kamra is done at the presbyter, in the cornea of the eye non-dominant. In case of cataracts occurring at a later date, it is not be necessary to remove the kamra, although it may be an obstacle to the good visualization of the anterior segment and the lens during the chiururgie.

During the cataract procedure, it is possible to orient the eyeball and use Parallax induced to visualize the ensmble of the anterior side of the lens. This is particularly useful for curvilinear cutting of the anterior capsule (capsulorhexis) primer, and the phases of sculpture and fragmentation of the cristallinien kernel.

After removal of the lens, it should be as in routine of an artificial lens implant. The hotel has an optical power calculated thanks to biometrics, and which must be calculated so that the refraction of the operated eye is slightly myopic (ex:-0.75 D). This allows the operated eye of cataract and having kept the kamra to maintain an optimum depth of field (from 40 cm to infinity).
The following video describes a cataract surgery by Phaco Emulsification carried out in an eye implanted three years ago with a KAMRA device.


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