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Implant KAMRA in emmetropic presbyope

The Emmetropic presbyope is not correction for distance vision, but must use correction glasses close to read. There is a small tolerance for the laying of the kamra without associated refractive correction: refraction must understood between - 0.75 D and + 0.50 D for the eye not dominant.

The kamra can be inserted within the cornea of the eye non-dominant, thanks to the realization of an intra-corneal tunnel with the femtosecond laser ("pocket insertion"). One eye is operated. There is no associated laser correction (unless the other eye, that is to say the dominant eye requires a refractive correction for distance vision: it can be the object of a) LASIK).

This technique seems promising for patients in the past of refractive corneal (LASIK or PKR). These patients become presbyopic, feel a growing in near vision, gene as the "natural" emmetropes The implant can be placed in the depth of the corneal tissue ('under' the original site of the refractive surgery).

The insertion technique of the kamra by tunneling ("KAMRA pocket) is performed under local anesthesia. It is totally painless and does not last more than 5 minutes. Visual improvement in near vision is very fast (24 h): operated patients can read without glasses after the procedure.

Adverse associate a transient feeling of 'veil' on the operated eye, with halos in night vision. Dry eye is less than with the technique of laying under a LASIK flap. The kamra causes no sensation after its installation, and is practically invisible to the naked eye for the environment.

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