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New: Laser Femto Wavelight FS 200 KHz

The Rothschild Foundation has been starting in 2011 the first Center equipped with femtosecond laser WaveLight FS 200 KHz. This laser makes a flap cutting of LASIK the fastest in the world to the firing frequency of 200 KHz: 6 seconds are sufficient to create a pane stromal 8.8 mm in diameter. This laser is built into the breast of the more Alcon refractive, Wavelight.

Laser femtosecond Wavelight FS200

Wavelight FS 200 femtosecond laser

Eye contact is over a wide area: thus, it is possible to program wide and adjustable depth cut. Each cone of unfortunately been an autocalibration before cutting. This is done in order to obtain a thickness of flap as close as possible as that has been programmed.

The position and size of the hinge are adjustable, with side cut angles. Sizes and forms of flap are variable (customizable elliptical edge in case flap of)astigmatism). The refocusing of the flap on the pupil is without reduction of the dimensions of the flap, by simple translation. the Femtosecond Laser WaveLight® FS200 can reduce the term of realization of the LASIK flap with a good reproducibility of cutting, both in terms of programmed depth and width of flap.


The following video shows another example of realization of cutting in real time: click here or download: cutting flap LASIK laser Wavelight FS 200

After cutting the flap LASIK, an account is automatically generated:

 flap LASIK laser wavelight FS 200

The report allows you to view completed cutting. We notice the centering on the pupil (adjustable before cutting, which is not possible with a mechanical microkeratome). Note the hinge the channel evacuation of carbon dioxide and water generated by cutting laser at the interface level.

The 200 FS laser to customize the creation of flaps of LASIK by generating flaps of edge oval or elliptical. This feature is interesting for astigmatism correction, allowing a better congruence of the corneal surface with photoablatif laser treatment.


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