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Postoperative care after LASIK

LASIK: after the operation

This page is dedicated to the chronology of the postoperative follow-up expected after a LASIK. These data are indicative, and reflect the developments in the majority of patients with this technique for the correction of their refractive defect.

-1 mn after LASIK:

The vision is already changed: despite feeling blur, sailing related to the proximity of the intervention to the drops instilled during it, etc. the uncorrected Visual acuity is already significantly improved. The perception of details that would have not been collected before surgery revealed that a correction was issued. However, the vision is described as "veiled" or "Misty"..

-5 mn after LASIK:

The veil persists, a foreign body sensation, of local discomfort under the eyelid or the "corner of the eye" is possible. She subsides with eyes half closed or closed.

-1 hour after LASIK :

The feeling of discomfort sometimes persists, but she often subsides after instillation of artificial tears, it is possible to perform regularly. The eyelids may be slightly swollen. The finding of "red marks" on the white of the eye is normal (effect of the pose of the retention ring of the) femtosecond laser). Do not rub or touch the eyes.

-a few hours after LASIK, overnight

The feel of local discomfort tends to decrease gradually, and the vision continues to progress. The pursuit of hydration by artificial tears is recommended in case of sensation of dryness. Overnight, to wear protection hulls to avoid touching the eyes of untimely or unconsciously. These shells must be removed in the morning.

-the day after LASIK

Wake up the next day (J1) of the LASIK, the improvement is clearly visible: the patient sometimes seek his glasses in a reflex way... While it already hasn't needed! A slight feeling of "Visual veil" or "Haze" is common to J1, but she gradually dissipate within the first 48 hours. It is mainly related to dry eye. If contact lenses were placed on the corneas at the end of the procedure (this is recommended by some surgeons, including to facilitate the healing of the edges of the flap), their withdrawal during the first control can bring a feeling of "relief." Vision uncorrected J1 may reach 10/10 in a good majority of case, but this is not always noted, particularly for high myopia LASIK interventions or astigmatism. Do not forget that the LASIK procedure is very recent (24 h)...

-the first days after LASIK

The vision continues to improve over the first days due to the dissipation of the "light veil" (or "Haze") originally noted. Depending on the type of correction, stabilization of optical effect brought by the laser correction occurs during the first month (LASIK for correction of myopia), or 2 to 3 months (correction of hyperopia, and the strong astigmatismes). Treatment with antibiotic eye drops and anti inflammatory continued during the first 3 weeks. The instillation of artificial tears is recommended, because dry eye symptoms can persist. The port of tinted glasses (sunglasses) is highly recommended case of sunshine outside. It is possible to take a shower, taking a few precautions (do not point the shower spray in eyes). But it remains however shown rubbing the eyes. The makeup of the eyelids and eyelashes can be resumed 10 days after LASIK.



8 Responses to "post-LASIK surgery Suites"

  1. khennoussi says:

    Hello, I was operated on 4 January 2017 "femto lasik. I wanted to know if it was possible to do a spa 3 weeks after the operation?
    Thank you in advance

  2. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    This seems possible if all goes well for the LASIK procedure.

  3. Florence says:

    Hello, I do not understand, all the post operative recommendations are different, examples:
    – Eye makeup (mascara, eye liner, etc.) possible after ten days and elsewhere it's 3 weeks, another is a month?
    – Water in the eyes, 15 days for some surgeon, 1 month for others?
    – The shells for the night 3 days or 7 days for some, 14 days for others?
    When you ask that kind of question to a surgeon, you have the impression that they do not really want to be accurate.
    It's a little confusing and scary, since we don't know what to do anymore.
    Thank you.

  4. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    These variations mainly reflect that these points are relatively minor, and that there are no recommendations engraved in the marble, except for one thing; It is crucial not to rub your eyes after LASIK (in the first 24 h). So no makeup, no water in the eyes, dust, anything that could make you want to touch yourself or rub your eye. The protective shell is necessary the first night. Beyond this 24-hour period, it is possible to carry out most of the activities of daily life. A week without mascara, however, appears to be a necessary lengthened time to prevent some potentially irritating particles from mixing with the tear film.

  5. Muriel says:

    So I have the top of the ophthalmologist and suddenly, what I read above does not reassure me at all:
    – with Lasik, the time to go home and you will see beautifully (1/4d ' hour drive)
    False, J + 6, it's always a bit foggy especially in the morning.
    – With Lasik, you will not have post-operative pain.
    False, I had very bad when the anesthetic no longer did its effect and this, from 10.30 to 19:00 about
    – No special precaution to take.
    Ouch, so this story not to rub your eyes, the shells, no makeup, all that... Fortunately I have a good instinct. I did not rub my eyes too much, do not wear makeup but no shell and I take my shower normally...

    Unable to tell you what correction was made by Lasik, it was the Secretary who took the measures 2 months before the intervention at the one and only appointment (change of ophthalmologist following a move) and I received nothing as document...

    In short, to read you, I feel like I fell on a branquignole of comp.

    D + 1: On 5 minutes, he told me that everything was OK and that we saw J + 7 (so tomorrow)

  6. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    I am sorry that your experience in LASIK has not lived up to your expectations, and in keeping with the information your surgeon has given you, which are actually a little ' light '. It is not necessary to minimize the importance of early follow-up in LASIK, which is a remarkably accurate and effective technique, but which can quite cause a visual blurring transitroie at the beginning, and sometimes small painful sensations during first Hours. You had the good reflex of not touching your eyes. It is crucial to sleep with a protective eye shell the first night, as some patients rub their eyes unconsciously, or sleep the "head in the Pillow", with the risk of rubbing and irritation...

  7. Bruzaud says:

    Good evening, several months after my operation, I always feel a single-eye gene. It is abnormally red itches me and at the end of the day my view seems altered... I felt this in the first few days after the operation the other eye going perfectly, the doctor not paying attention to my feelings and my justified complaints... I specify that the anesthetic did not work for the eye in question I moved during the operation... The Doctor himself being a little stressed about my reaction...
    Could you tell me if I should consult again?
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    You can actually request a non-urgent consultation. Also, check that you do not have a particular habit of rubbing this eye, or that you do not sleep on this side during the night, which may result in a unilateral chronic irritation.

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