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Postoperative care after PKR

PKR: after the operation

This page is dedicated to the chronological description of evolution observed by most patients after completion of the PKR for the correction of myopia.

-1 mn after PKR:

The vision is already changed and improved: despite a feeling of slight blur, sail, linked to the drops instilled the end of PKR, uncorrected Visual acuity is already significantly higher than, especially if a bandage lens was asked (which is recommended and performed by most surgeons after PKR). There is still pain, the most a small feeling of local discomfort at the level of one eye or both.

-5 minutes after PKR

The veil display appears or persists, along with a local feel of gene or foreign body. Intermittent tearing may appear; the effects of anesthesia by drops (eye before and during the PKR) decrease little by little...

-1 h to 2 h after PKR :

The feeling of discomfort persists and can become a pain, which is similar to printing to a local 'burn'. A tearing, and the appearance of a swelling of the eyelids are frequent. Taking tablets of painkillers, and keeping the eyes closed to alleviate these symptoms. The instillation of artificial tears can also bring relief. Vision is usually more blurred than in the immediate course of the intervention, with fluctuations (sharper vision intermittently).

-a few hours after PKR, overnight

The sensation of gene culminates the first day, and then gradually decreases. Overnight, must wear protection hulls to avoid touching the eyes of untimely or unconsciously, but as the PKR does not the realization of a flap, the surface of the eye is less 'fragile' towards mechanical trauma after LASIK.

-the aftermath of the PKR

Wake up, vision can be blurry, but this blur is different from that of before the surgery. It looks like the blur that would cause dirty or fogged lenses. The instillation of artificial tears can more easily open your eyes. The pain gave way to a gene that fades gradually. Vision fluctuates, and brutal sensations of 'gene', or tearing of one eye and then the other are possible. The vision can be uneven between the eyes, and reverse (the vision of the right eye or the left eye being alternately sharper).

-the first days after PKR

The vision continues to improve in the first days, but with fluctuations. To the 5 day around, it is possible to remove the lenses of protection, to the occaseion of the control to the ophthalmologist.  This occaseion control of Visual acuity allows to measure acuity without correction the most often understood between 6/10 and 10/10 (depending on the initial degree of myopia, etc.). However, patients report a feeling of slight blur, which dissipates gradually during the first 15 days approximately. The recovery of a professional activity is possible from the 4th or 5th day. Treatment with eye drops continued during the first 3 weeks. The port of tinted glasses (sunglasses) is strongly recommended outdoors in case of intense or prolonged sunshine. It is possible to take a shower, taking a few precautions (do not point the shower spray in eyes). The vision improves continuously during the first weeks, and to stabilize towards the end of the first month. Makeup can be resumed after ten days.



2 Responses to "operating Suites after PKR"

  1. wadad says:

    Good evening. After 15 days is it normal to see a shadow around a panmap letters or numbers of a car licence? near vision is widely affected, after 5 minutes on the pages of a book or on pc reading becomes impossible, I'm 40, do I wear glasses for protection or reading? Thanks for your help I'm lost.

  2. Asma says:

    Hello Wadad, I will soon be operated by PKR. Did your eyesight recover correctly? Thanks in advance

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