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Dr. Damien Gatinel

Chief of Service at the ophthalmological Foundation Rothschild Adolphe - operator at the Laser Vision of Buttes Chaumont - Rothschild Foundation Institute

Thepre-operative consultations and controls of the vision take place either:

- the Rothschild Foundation: cataract/cornea/keratoconus

à Institut Laser Vision Noémie de Rothschild: refractive surgery for myopia correction, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia

à Foch Hospital (Suresnes) -from June 2019 refractive surgery for myopia correction, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia

The operations of cataract surgery take place at the Rothschild Foundation, the refractive surgery (PKR, laser, lasik, etc.) take place at theInstitute Laser Vision Rothschild Noémielocated near the Rothschild Foundation.

To request a meeting:

Refractive surgery (refractive surgery - operations for the myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia,...)

Doctolib for appointment in refractive surgery:


If the site Doctolib does not offer an appointment (beaches offered by the site already full), then send a request for an appointment to the following address: Ilv@institut-laser-vision.com.

In the absence of an answer or a niche and need an urgent appointment for professional reasons or planning, you can contact me at: gatinel@gmail.com (Subject: Request for a consultation appointment)

The consultations are held: On Tuesday afternoon, on a Wednesday afternoon on two, a Thursday afternoon on two, Friday morning and afternoon.

Access Laser Vision Institute; +33148036710


Cataract surgery / support and follow-up of Keratoconus:

Doctolib for cataract surgery/Cornea Advisories/diagnosis and follow-up of Keratoconus:


or: + 33 1 48 03 64 82

consultations on Tuesday morning

(Appointment requests/questions / difficulties to reach a number or get an appointment: gatinel@gmail.com)


For a quick meeting to request for advice on care and screening of Keratoconus:

Send an email to gatinel@gmail.com by specifying as a description: view Keratoconus« .

Visit the site: www.defeatkeratoconus.com for objective, non-commercial information about the keratoconus.


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Twitter: @DocteurGatinel

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9 Responses to "Contact – Appointment"

  1. Doctor Pacco-Moulaert /Dinant /Belgique says:

    Dear colleague,
    I am part of the Vision and lasers centre of Namur, Belgium
    I have a nearsighted-3, 28-year-old patient regularly treated for rheumatoid arthritis.
    Never had a problem ophthalmologist. Very asking.
    Can you inform me: What are the risks, what pathophysiology??? PRK/Femto/nothing? Prefer PRK.
    Can you help me quickly,? Write to me where to find the info?
    Operation (or not) beginning of July,
    Big THANK you
    James Pacco

  2. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    Rheumatoid arthritis is not a contraindication to refractive surgery when it is isolated and does not a dry eye. If the patient prefers the PKR, it is quite possible to achieve it in my view, if stock pre classic refractive surgery is in favour of course.

  3. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    You can contact the 01 48 03 65 68 to apply for appointment.

  4. Ben Lamb says:

    I have a strong myopia in addition to being astigmat, my ophthalmologist Dr. Rieu advised me Rotshild.
    I would have liked an appointment for more information, I would really like to be operated.
    Thank you

  5. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    You can use the site Doctolib, or join the 01 48 03 64 70.

  6. Decultot says:

    Good evening, I have a keratoconus Since the age of 18ans, I am currently 21 years old and I followed the fifteen-twenty since July 2018, of the first appointment I was offered the cross-linking. On the phone at the Rothschild Foundation I am denied the appointment on the grounds that I do not have a letter from my ophthalmologist. So I know if it is possible to make an appointment for a follow up of Kératocone.
    In advance thank you

  7. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    Write to gatinel@gmail.com With the "Avis keratoconus" email motif and we will do the necessary for a quick appointment.

  8. Jon (Belgium) says:

    Good evening Dr. Ganeshan,
    First Happy New Year!

    Initially I went to your website to know more about the laser surgery as I intended to have a laser surgery correct my myopia and astigamstim (Asian, 32y,-1.75 (-0.75),-1.75 (-1.25)), then I discovered about your article on the linkage between keratoconus and eye Rubbing.

    I realized immediately that I'm very guilty of having this bad habit too. I was systematically pressing my eyes when I was at 20s because I thought my eyes were "popping out". I also do not wear glasses in a systematic way (<1h per day) until very recently when I frequently experience eyestrain. per="" day)="" until="" very="" recently="" when="" i="" frequently="" experience="">

    How can we separate the keratoconus from normal Astigamstim? Will I have Keratoconus for sure, since I'm sure that I rub my eye frequently? I had ophthalmologist in 2018 but no topography tested was mentioned or required.
    In the presence of keratoconus, the LASIK is not eligible but how about smile?
    Do you have any good colleague/hospital in Belgium that you can recommend?

    Although I wish I had read your article about eye rubbing 20 years earlier, I m still grateful for your effort of sharing this so valuable information.

    Many thanks

  9. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    Thank you for your comment, please post it again on a relevant page (I. e keratoconus, or astigmatism) so it can be read and answered in an appropriate context. Tks

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