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cataract surgery

Cristalliniens implants monofocal and multifocal, o-rings

 Cristalliniens implants: General lens implant or prosthesis of artificial lens is intended to replace the lens: it is placed after the withdrawal of the clouded lens (cataract surgery), in the capsular bag, in the 'back room' of the eye (located at the back of the iris). The materials used for the realization of these implants are flexible, [...]

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Surgical technique (cataract surgery)

The phacoemulsification: Reference technique for resection surgery of Crystalline lens The phacoemulsification is currently the reference technique for cataract surgery. Phacoemulsification: General phacoemulsification (often abbreviated by the acronym PKE) is based on the in situ fragmentation of the Crystalline lens clouded through a small limbic incision or [...]

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Definition of cataract cataract is an eye condition defined by opacification partial or total the crystalline, responsible for a reduction of the Visual performance. The lens is a natural lens biconvex converging, located just behind the iris. Its diameter is about 1 cm, and thickness usually does not exceed 0.4 cm. It consists of a capsule [...]

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Cataract surgery

Xxx_xxx_5270 is the most practiced surgery, all surgical specialties combined. The number of cataracts operated per year in France is estimated to be between 300 000 and 400 000. Cataracts are a very common cause of vision deterioration. Significant progress has been made in the treatment of this [...]

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Lteif Y, Gatinel D. calculation of the power of the implant after refractive surgery

J Fr Ophthalmol, 2008 Mar; 31 (3): 326-34 The causes and remedies to the problem posed by the calculation of the potency of the artificial crystalline implant for the cataract surgery of the patient with corneal refractive surgery. Download the article: Implant calculation after surgery refractive Ganeshan

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