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refractive surgery

Short-sightedness and astigmatism

Myopia and astigmatism are frequently associated, and can be corrected with glasses, lenses, or a refractive surgery operation. The correction chosen depends on the degree (strength) and origin (cornea or Crystalline lens) of astigmatism. Refractive surgery is effective in correcting astigmatism associated with myopia: In most situations, the correction [...]

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D Gatinel. Choosing the Mode of Presbyopia Correction. RSPC Europe - October 2013

Choice of a technique for correction of presbyopia. This article is devoted to the review of current options for presbyopia surgery. Operations to correct presbyopia can be performed on the cornea (ex: presby LASIK) or on the lens (ex: the lens removal and replacement with a multifocal implant). They are [...]

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Centering corneal laser surgery (LASIK/PRK) with the Alcon/Wavelight EX 500 laser and Topolyzer Vario

Introduction This page explains the different steps that allow the surgeon to the ablation center we the desired location with the Alcon/Wavelight EX500 excimer laser, while preventing discrepancies between registration data (Topolyzer Vario) and the EX500 laser eye-tracking system. The EX500 excimer can be linked via local network to the Vario Topolyzer: this enables easy [...]

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What is the smile technique?

The techniques referred to by ReLex – Flex – Smile variants are based on the semi-manual "bulk" extraction of a volume of corneal tissue (duckweed) for the correction of myopia. This duckweed is pre-cut to the femtosecond laser. "Flex" corresponds to an acronym for Femtosecond Laser Assisted duckweed Extraction: This variant is today neglected for the "Smile" (acronym for [...]

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