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More Alcon refractive, Wavelight - FS200 & EX500

In order to offer the best refractive technology, the Rothschild Foundation (Institute Laser Vision Noémie Rothschild) is equipped exclusive to Paris and the island of France Suite Alcon refractive - Wavelight, which consists of two laser: the Laser femtosecond FS200 (realization of the flap in) LASIK) and the Laser Excimer EX500 (issuance of refractive correction). Unlike the other femtoseconds and excimers, lasers that operate in independent unit, completeness of the LASIK procedure can be programmed and designed according to a common to the two lasers software)femtosecond laser FS200 and EX500 excimer laser).

Suite refractive alcon wavelight laser fs200 EX500

More Alcon refractive - Wavelight: it combines the FS200 femtosecond laser and laser excimer EX500. These lasers are assembled around a platform of joint programming. This allows particularly effective custom LASIK procedures for the correction of high myopia, hyperopia, and the strong astigmatismes.



This platform allows the realization of LASIK 100% customized with unparalleled accuracy and speed gain, laser to correct nearsightedness, astigmatismhyperopia and presbyopia. These two lasers are currently the fastest on the market in their respective categories. Cutting a flap in LASIK is performed within 10 seconds by the FS200 femtosecond laser. The correction of a diopter by EX500 excimer laser is made in 1.4 seconds. So, the myopia of 6 diopter correction lasts less than 9 seconds.

Lasers are driven by a common interface, networking, and physically connected by a swivel bed, which increases operating ergonomics of the surgeon and the patient.

The following video demonstrates the main features of this refractive platform:



Speed of refractive treatments offered by laser Wavelight EX500 (frequency of 500 shots a second) allows to reduce the phenomena of dehydration of the cornea, and promotes the patient's comfort. The laser treatment is combined with the use of an eye tracker clocked more than 1000 Hz, which reduces the risk of shift or irregularity of the treatment.

The following video shows in real time the issuance of a 'Wavefront Optimized' treatment in optimized surface laser (advanced surface ablation): only the epithelium covering the area of treatment (9 mm) has been removed: the immediately adjacent epithelium is retained, allowing to reduce the process time of healing post. This technique avoids the use of material of epithelial cutting (as in Epilasik) and removal of the epithelium is only the central part of the cornea.


3 Responses to "refractive Suite Alcon Wavelight – FS200 & EX500"

  1. Frédérick says:

    Hello Mr. Ganeshan,

    Congratulations on this wonderful site, a gold mine of information that I still welcome to have found!

    I am a very myopic and intimate and I have a choice between 2 clinics in Canada. One uses the Wavelight EX500 (coupled with a laser femtosecond which I ignore the mark for the shutter) and the other, the Schwinn Amaris 750S (coupled with the laser femtosecond Ziemer Z6 PLUS for the shutter).

    I attach importance to this criterion on the part of my high myopia/astimatisme (OD:-7.75 cyl.-4.25 Axis 7/OS:-8.5 cyl.-4 axis 169) and my dilation of pupil Larger than the average (6 and 7mm).

    I want to avoid as much as possible the halo effect by getting a larger optical area and avoid retouching as much as possible via increased precision, due to the fact that many of my cornea (603 microns) will have to be removed in connection always with my high myopia.

    Which device is most appropriate to you?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    I have no experience with the WaveLight platform with which the results of the correction of astigmatism are excellent; One of the advantages of this equipment is the possibility of making "custom-made" covers, perfectly centered on the pupil , and that one can even slightly ovalize to optimize the congruence between the ablation profile delivered and the corneal stroma. You will find explanations on the site about these small refinements that often make the difference.

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