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Risk Factors for myopia

Your question:

Please i need a risk assessment scale to develop myopia according to genetic and environmental factors

Our answer:

To my knowledge there is no universal scale for predicting the incidence of myopia, or individual risk.

2 Responses to "Myopia Risk Factors"

  1. Moreau says:

    Hello Dr. Gatinel,
    I consulted you on the 24.04.18 for a myopia surgery. Given the beginning of presbyopia, you offered me the under correction of an eye in order to be able to correct and myopia and presbyopia. I tested for a week this new correction using lenses. Nevertheless, I am not sufficiently corrected from afar. So I prefer to correct and only myopia. I understand that I will have to wear glasses for the near. But the most important to me and vision from afar.
    Moreover, I am only 49 years old and the presbyopia risk to worsen with the age so sooner or later it will still require glasses for the near?
    I'm considering surgery at the beginning of the year, will your quotation still be topical?
    Well to you.
    Ms. M

  2. Dr. Damien Gatinel says:

    If the most important thing for you is the vision from afar and you do not support the differentiated correction (monovision), then it is possible to envisage an operation to correct the entire myopia, the port of close glasses will be necessary as You have understood that, and the conditions will be unchanged.

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