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spherical aberration

Pre- and Post-LASIK aberrations comparison

Pre- and Post- LASIK aberrations with Standardized Zernike vs LD-HD wavefront reconstruction method We present another case to highlight the difference between the Zernike and LD-HD (Low Degree/High Degree) wavefront decompositions. As we will see in this case, the presence of Higher Order Aberrations (HOAs) not only result in an artefactual alteration of the low […]

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Presbyopia & hyperopia correction using corneal asphericity (Q value) and multifocality

Presbyopia can be corrected with multifocal corneal laser surgery in selected presbyopic hyperopic patients using customized multifocal aspheric correction. We have reported in the November 16 issue of the Journal of Refractive Surgery the clinical results of combined presbyopic hyperopic LASIK corrections obtained with a uniquely designed multifocal method aimed at reshaping the corneal profile […]

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