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Aberrations post presby-LASIK

This clinical case provides a classic example of the limitations of the Zernike series to characterize the typical deformation of the ocular wavefront after LASIK surgery of hyperopia and presbyopia (« presby-LASIK »). Although the concept of using higher order aberrations such as negative spherical aberration to increase the ocular multifocality is well accepted, there has been […]

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Presbyopia & hyperopia correction using corneal asphericity (Q value) and multifocality

Presbyopia can be corrected with multifocal corneal laser surgery in selected presbyopic hyperopic patients using customized multifocal aspheric correction. We have reported in the November 16 issue of the Journal of Refractive Surgery the clinical results of combined presbyopic hyperopic LASIK corrections obtained with a uniquely designed multifocal method aimed at reshaping the corneal profile […]

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