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Trifocal IOLs rank high in European Surgeon’s preferences. Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, December 10, 2018

Read: Trifocal IOLs rank high in European surgeons preferences

2 réponses à “Trifocal IOLs rank high in European Surgeon’s preferences. Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, December 10, 2018”

  1. Dr Damien Gatinel dit :

    Many variable may influence the choice of the best strategy to correct your presbyopia; the presence of an additional distance vision default (eg hyperopia), the status of your crystalline lenses, of your cornea, the level of ocular dryness, etc. It is not possible to provide you with an exhaustive list of these, and therefore I can only provide you with limited opinion. The best indication for presbyopia surgery via intraocular lenses is when a cataract is present and has already started to impair the vision; in such circumstances, I would recommend that type of surgery, and the use of trifocal IOLs such as the FineVision lens (PhysIOL), which I co designed!

  2. Joseph dit :

    I’ve been diagnosed with presbyopia. Have had several opinions for surgery to implant tri-ocular lenses to correct the issue by lasik companies at a cost of $6500 to $8200. Some want to do both eyes same day, others will have a day or two between eye surgeries. I get anxiety thinking about anyone cutting into my eye since this will be done traditional way vs laser. I do have the initial start of cataracts, but surgery doesnt qualify for insurance plans since it is elective .
    I’ve asked my optometrist for his opinion and he suggested a stronger glass prescription now, where as last year he mentioned i had the strongest prescription at the time. My eyes do burn and things get blurry when they are strained after a few hours on the computer. Optometrist recommends eye drops and says to put off surgery till i develop full cataracts , so a good portion will be covered by insurance. I realize his recommendation may be self serving, and am a little sceptical . Should i proceed with presbyopia surgery or wait a few years….i am 64 years old.
    If so which tri-ocular lense do you recommend in Canada? Thank you. Joseph

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