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Emission "Allo Docteur", France 5, 12 November 2018

I'm myopic, what solutions?

What any myopic must know, Le Figaro, 3 September 2018: Short-Sightedness Figaro

Show "Hello doctor", 5 France, 6 September 2016

Myopia, what solutions?

Show "Hello doctor", France 5, 18 September 2015

Glasses, lenses, what's new?

Show "Public Science", France Culture, May 22, 2015

"Will all become us short-sighted?


Science public theme myopia

Science public theme myopia

Folder Science and life, "all short-sighted, the reasons of an epidemic."

cover Science and life June 2015

 Science and life June 2015

Article: "eye surgery, clearer", Magazine land, March 2014:

Magazine earth eye surgery

Eye surgery see clearer D Gatinel the Earth 2014


Show "Hello doctor", France 5 (March 12, 2014), dedicated to the cataract surgery - guest Dr. Damien Gatinel


Science and future, March 2014: hospitals: 600 advanced services

This file contains a list of the best services for myopia surgery and the cataract surgery:

Science and future coverage

Guide to hospitals and advanced (science and future) services

best services for myopia surgery

Surgery for myopia: services - interview Dr. Damien Gatinel

Secondary cataract science and future


In 2014, I see it! Article Parisien (Magazine), January 17, 2014

Article surgery myopia laser 2014 the Parisian Dr. Damien Gatinel

In 2014 I see clearer - myopia laser surgery

Science magazine and future, February 2013. Vision Special issue

Science and future coverage special vision

page 51 science and future vision

Broadcast Radio "Is done to agree", RTL, December 21, 2012: theme: "age-related eye diseases: cataract, glaucoma, AMD.


"Hello doctor" TV show, France 5, 16 October 2012. Presbyopia

Magazine Grazia, article may 2012. I tested the laser for myopia.


Show "Hello doctor" TV report, France 5, September 7, 2011. The myopia surgery, LASIK all laser custom.


Broadcast TV 'How are you well?', France 2, March 28, 2011. Purchase of glasses on the internethttp://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Sybh72NoVUc


Article Capital March 2011 Refractive surgery


February 23, 2011 World Journal


"Hello doctor": September 02, 2009 show. France 5. Theme of the show: the five senses: vision:   http://www.france5.fr/Allo-Docteurs/index-fr.php?page=emissions&id_article=510#


"Hello doctor": broadcast of January 06, 2010. France 5. Theme of the show: the cataract surgery:http://www.france5.fr/Allo-Docteurs/index-fr.php?page=player&id_article=864


"Hello doctor": January 26, 2010 issue. France 5. The show's theme: presbyopia surgery: here or download: Consultation for presbyopia surgery


Cat "Hello doctor" (France 5) «Cataract surgery»:»»  http://www.Bonjour-Docteur.com/Actualite-Sante-ch-t-cataracte-3126.ASP?1=1


Magazine 'She' (Middle East Edition) - 2010: Article 'She' Dr. Damien Gatinel Refractive Surgery


"The Figaro Magazine: The light on the cataract surgery« :  –une-chirurgie-qui-a-fait-ses-preuves-toute-la-lumiere-sur-la-cataracte-.php http://www.lefigaro.fr/lefigaromagazine/2008/11/29/01006-20081129ARTFIG00619


Article Science and life surgery refractive November 2009

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