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Rainbow, starburst, halo glare

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Hi Dr. Gatinel,

I received a lasik procedure on August 18, 2016. The next day I began to experience all forms of glare with the most severe one being rainbow glare. The first two weeks were very intense with rainbow glare in both long distances and short distances. Headlights on the other side of the highway were very noticeable. A month later it calmed down to just rainbow glare at close distances and mid distance if it the light source was bright and white enough. I am now 12 weeks out and my symptoms have not changed at all since the first 4 weeks post op. Rainbow glare is at close/mid distance. Halos are most intense at close distance. Starbursts are most intense at long distance and at night when pupils dilate. I noticed that when I put a light source by my face such as my smartphone and look at a street light starburst goes to normal because of my pupils shrinking. My surgeon, Dr. Speaker of TLC recommends we re lift the flap and hope that it readjusts to cancel out the glare. If unsuccessful he will perform a back surface lasik for his first time. I just wanted to know your thoughts on this and if you have reason to believe that all my forms of glare can be interconnected to the origin of the rainbow glare or if they are all separate issues.

Your response would be greatly appreciated!

– Adam
– New York

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I would be cautious before performing any enhancement. What is the exact cause of your glare? A residual refractive error? Irregular astigmatism? These are accessible potentially to laser enhancement.

On the other hand, glare caused by flap microfolds would not be that much an indication to re-manipulate the flap…

Back flap surface correction would specifically address rainbow glare (colored fringes) symptoms.

I hope this helps !

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  1. Mike dit :

    Hey Adam,

    I’m curious did your doctor fix your rainbow glare? I have the same issue, also TLC doctor just different one, different city. text me if you can 6193433678

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