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What is the "excimer" technique for the correction of myopia?

The term "excimer correction" (or excimer correction) refers to the principle of corneal surgery, and includes all techniques that use excimer laser to correct myopia (also theastigmatism, Hyperopia, presbyopia). The Excimer laser is used to modify the profile of the cornea by sculpting it with a precision of the order of the Micron (thousandth of a millimeter). The "Excimer" techniques group The surface techniques (PKR, LASEK, EpiLASIK) where the Excimer laser is delivered to the surface of the cornea (after removal of the epithelium), and the lamellar techniques or a corneal flap is performed first, Then reclined to allow the Excimer sculpture to be carried out in depth. The flap is itself cut mechanically (microkeratome), or in a more modern way thanks to another laser: the femtosecond laser.

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