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Cataract Grading: Assessment of a New Objective Lens Density Quantification Method Using OCT Technology Integrated Into the IOLMaster 700 and Comparison with Existing Methods. Panthier C, Burgos J, Rouger H, Saad A, Gatinel D. Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, December 2017

The objective diagnosis of cataract is a major public health issue. Early cataract can be ambiguous on a slit lamp. With the Objective Scatter Index (OSI), the HD Analyzer provides an objective measurement of the crystalline lens opacity level by measuring ocular light scattering. However, in some instances, the light scatter can arise from other sources than the lens. We have designed a new objective cataract grading method based on lens densitometry on swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) scans provided by the IOLMaster 700. Average lens density was used to assess cataract based on SS-OCT scans provided by the IOL measuring device, which produced reliable and repeatable results. This method could help to improve the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis of cataract and related dysfunctional lens syndrome at low cost, as it does not require an additional diagnostic instrument.  An automated measurement of the average lens density on SS-OCT scans provided by the IOL measuring device would allow for assessing, in addition to IOL calculation, cataract severity to help surgeons to make surgical decisions in controversial cases.

OCT scan images of crystalline lens



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