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Keratoconus, what’s the rub? Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today Eu, April 2017

In this paper, Keratoconus What’s the rub, D Gatinel, CRST Europe, April 2017, I elaborate on the hypothesis that eye rubbing is the root cause of keratoconus. This is a more succinct report of some previously published material pointing toward eye rubbing as prime hit in the keratoconus affection. In my view, keratoconus is not a dystrophy but a mechanically induced corneal condition equivalent to a « Rubbing Induced Corneal Ectasia » (R.I.C.E).

Classic vs personal conception of the reasons of keratoconus.


The genetic or environmental factors involved in the keratoconus genesis are because they promote either ocular friction or less corneal resistance (lesser tissue thickness or resistance).

Download PDFKeratoconus What’s the rub, D Gatinel, CRST Europe, April 2017

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